Thursday, 13 June 2013

One Video Game, One Voice Actor, 12 Characters, can it work?

Potential video game developer clients often ask me what my voice acting USP is, (USP = unique selling point), well that's easy, my highly versatile voice allows me to play a whole host of distinct character voices in the same project, saving them valuable time and money, instead of auditioning and selecting scores of voice actors and then going through the logistical minefield of getting them all to work in harmony together they can have all their prototype voices from just one actor, me

 Couple this with my background in character acting & comedy writing and I become much more than just a voice actor, more than merely voices I am able to help games developers to create characters, give them unique personalities and truly bring the narrative of the game to life

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Have fun !

Monday, 3 June 2013

Funny voices, they're racist because society is stupid

I was interviewed for BBC News magazine after David Cameron the UK prime minister was labelled a "racist" for doing a comic impression of an Aussie accent

Society is truly stupid if it equates comedic mimicry to the incitement of racial hatred, I guess it seems to do this only when it is politically expedient

Games Foundry: Folk Tale Blog: Storytelling In Folk Tale

Games Foundry: Folk Tale Blog: Storytelling In Folk Tale: by Simon Dean, Project Lead Folk Tale

The blog post above highlights how my voice acting of all the characters in a new video game helped to storyboard the development of this brand new, groundbreaking game and build the overall narrative during its development stages

As a business proposition for video game developers, the versatility of my wide ranging voice acting combined with my character comedy skills & background is second to none and a far more cohesive and efficient route than hiring and coordinating a team of disparate voiceover artists

For the scratch audio development I provided voice acting and character development services for ALL the games characters, including a somewhat pythonesque pepper pot female voice and anthropomorphic animal roles (a foul mouthed parrot which later became more of an owl)

Other voice actors were rightly brought in at later stage of the games development to give variety to the roles but I'm still proud to be the voice of the Narrator / advisor, principle hero character Bernard, some very street / chav goblin yoot and of course the villainous slave master Urzal in the game you can play today

In the words of Project Lead Simon Dean

"With the script signed off, I contacted Sean Ruttledge, a UK comedian with whom I'd previously worked. Sean convinced me he could bring enough variety to the voices to get the job done for a prototype. Sean's early voice development and recordings really helped flesh out the characters, and proved an essential resource for Tom our animator to work against. Scratch voice audio is definitely something we'll do going forward.

Tom set to work animating the characters against Sean's lines, doing his best to translate the voice acting into waving arms and nodding heads. Working without scenes he'd render out video clips with proposed camera angles for us to review and iterate on."

All in all a highly enjoyable process, check out my Folk Tale character voice acting showreel below, believe it or not every voice you hear in this is performed by me, even the ones having conversations with each other, and hey! if you need a single voice actor with over 9000 voices for your video game development  project I look forward to more of this kind of work in the future, call me

Folk Tale is an awesome RPG / GOD / RTS / Sandbox game now selling like hot cakes in Alpha release, but don't take my word for it, get it on steam today